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Welcome to The Bara Magna Chronicles

This Wiki is dedicated to chronicling the events of the Bara Magna Chronicles, an ongoing epic hosted on BZPower, and other forums in the future.


  • 10/19: End of Part 1
  • 10/21: Part 2 begins
  • 11/30: End of Chronicles
  • 1/25/2010: Writing for 2010 begins
  • 5/9/2010: Wiki fully updated with information and pictures for "Round"'s story arc.
  • June 2010: Part 2 begins getting posted.

Bara Magna Chronicles WikiEdit

I give thee welcome to the Bara Magna Chronicles Wikia.  This site shall host the epic storyline of life and death battles, of destiny, of vengeance, of trust, and unity, that is held within the Bara Magna Chronicles.

Latest activityEdit

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